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Communication is of paramount importance in a society. From building connections to landing lucrative jobs, its need is felt everywhere. Considering the cut-throat competition in today’s work environment, it’s essential to inculcate the nuances of public speaking from an early age. While some kids excel in public speaking naturally, others can learn the skill through expert guidance
and the conquest of their fear of speaking in front of a crowd.
The Playbook will help your children achieve proficiency in public speaking by
catering to their individual needs.
The chief tenets of public speaking are:-

(a) A zeal to convince people

(b) Mastery over expression

(c) A strong vocabulary

(d) Enhancing one’s personality.

Learning fundamental life skills has from an early age has become the need of the hour. We, at The Playbook, have designed learning programs that cultivate these essential skills in the citizens of tomorrow. We believe in bringing about a holistic development in kids, tweens and teenagers. We nurture our learners in the following ways:-

KIDS – After familiarizing them with the rudiments of the English language, we groom their verbal communication by teaching them proper etiquette for public places like airports, hotels, hospitals and shopping malls. This is achieved by the means of interactive role play sessions.

TWEENS – At this level, we focus more on team skills by promoting group discussions and brainstorming on a wide array of creative topics. This enables the learners to break communication barriers and evolve into more confident individuals. The aim is to increase their curiosity through creative writing, quizzing, debating and public speaking courses.

TEENS – We aim to raise their self-esteem by helping them become published authors, expert quizzers, master communicators, bloggers, screenwriters, and, above all, level-headed individuals who can solve life’s practical problems through astute and critical thinking.

People have varying attention spans and aptitude levels.
Personal attention can prove fruitful by catering to their individual needs.
At the same time, small group learning enables them to compare their work with their peers and also feed off others’ ideas. Some of the ways in which small group learning can be put to good use are role plays, debates, brainstorming and games. At The Playbook, our sessions are founded on the concept of small group learning, and our mentors take special care
to facilitate personality development and provide instant feedback.

In the 21st century, analytical skills matter more than learning by rote.
While the West has already adapted to the significance of 21st century skill development, India is yet to explore its full potential. Thinking out of the box has become a norm in today’s learning environment. We’re all heading towards a future where textual learning will be ousted by life skills. The Government of India has realised the importance and has introduced the New National Education Policy 2020 that focuses on foundational skill sets of a child in their early years of development. At The Playbook, we believe in maintaining a healthy balance between conventional and futuristic learning methods. Here, ‘out of the box’ thinking is encouraged. Some of the 21st century skills that we’re currently focused on developing are critical thinking,
communication skills, problem solving, social skills and collaboration.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

What Benjamin Franklin said nearly two-and-a-half centuries ago holds true for all generations. However,
with the passage of time and the advancements in science and technology, the methods of gaining knowledge have changed.
An ideal way to give students a much-needed break from traditional learning is to cultivate a quiz culture in schools and colleges.
It will not only enhance a learner’s knowledge and curiosity, but also foster in him/her the qualities of team bonding and competitiveness.
The Playbook aims to create a niche in India’s quizzing fraternity and prepare children for the standards of state and national level quiz competitions.
If you’re in-quiz-itive, come along. Here, learning = playing!

Every person is inherently creative. However, in this day and age of smartphones and computer games,
our creative energies mostly go unharnessed. More than any other art form, writing has suffered the most
because we’re driven by the cliché that it’s boring and tedious. The Playbook is here to break these perceptions and bring out the latent talent in you.
We realize that writing is not just important but essential as it documents our lives and milieux. Our curriculum is designed in such a manner
that people from various age groups will benefit from it. From the basics of English grammar and vocabulary to professional skillsets like blogging and
scriptwriting, we cover a wide gamut of topics. If you aspire to become a published author, join us on this creative journey to El Dorado!


Each session is for 1 hour

We conduct parent teacher meetings (PTM) at regular intervals. For daily updates, check the child's classroom. In case you dont have the classroom link, ask the same from your relationship manager

Yes. You can reach out to your relationship manager and address your concerns regarding mentor change alongwith reasons

Reading materials and Concept videos are uploaded on our mobile app after every session.
In case you miss a session, refer to the shared materials and ask your doubts in the subsequent session from the mentor.
In case of continued absence for more than 3 sessions, reach out to your relationship manager to arrange for live backups.

There are only 3-5 students in one batch guided by a mentor

We strictly follow a 1 mentor 1 batch policy. Only in case of medical or other emergency, we change the mentor. For best outcomes, it is important for the child to feel comfortable in expressing their ideas and thoughts. Multiple mentors per learner disturb the learning outcomes. The Playbook team reserves the right to offer you a new batch option in case of any unavoidable circumstances due to mentor availability.

For classes, we recommend taking 2-3 sessions/week.

For Clubs, we conduct only 1 session/week followed by a short project to complete during the week

Yes, they are free.

Yes. 2 reasons why its necessary:

1. The mentors are able to assess the child's current understanding about the subject and recommend a suitable program as well as peer group for maximum benefit

2. The child also gets to experience the environment and the Playbook method of mentorship

1. A student/parent may apply for a refund within a period of 30 (thirty) days or the first 10 (ten) Sessions, whichever is earlier after enrolling with ThePlaybook. The request shall be made within the end of the 30th day or 10th Session from the enrollment date through an email to finance@theplaybook.in. From the 31st day or 11th Session onwards, the student/parent will not be eligible for a refund of the course fee. The decision of the Company regarding the eligibility of a student/parent to claim a refund shall be final and binding. The company will issue refunds for those cases which are eligible for a refund via cheque, NEFT or any other mode that it so prefers. The company is not obligated to refund the amount by cash.

2. Sessions will be counted on the basis of the actual number of sessions conducted by the company and not the actual number of sessions attended. Further, a minimum attendance of 80% should be maintained and all assignments properly submitted within the due date to qualify for the refund.

3. In case refund is applicable, the amount for sessions already attended will be deducted and balance amount will be refunded. To calculate the amount of already attended classes, the per session price on the Website will be applicable and any discount/scholarships provided shall be revoked.

4. Please note that this contract is applicable only for 1 subscriber. Please refrain from having multiple attendees in the same session as the same might lead to cancellation of subscription without any refunds.

Playbook Platform

Yes. We have a mobile friendly website. We will keep you posted on the Mobile App launch. You can download the same from Playstore / Applestore

No. You cannot download the platform content not created by you. However, you can download your creations and use it offline

Weekly track report on the activities by the user are shared on the e-mail ID provided at the time of registration. In the next few months, for progress and activity tracking you can login to the Parent portal

For Playbook organised events, mail us at support@theplaybook.in for queries

For external events listed on the platform, Playbook is not responsible for addressing concerns regarding the queries. We will make available all contact details and partner website to address your concerns.

All competitions are listed with the rules and regulations. You can participate in all events if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Yes. The content, courses, competitions and community is absolutely safe and secure for users between the age of 7-15 years. The Login is done with the parent's email ID and you secure your details by using a unique password, known only to you.
For additional safety, we recommend to mask your identity by choosing a Username different from your original name and an avataar.

Playbook platform, content and community is appropriate for users between the age of 7-15 years. You will be asked to enter the age to avoid any unauthorised access to the platform

Yes. Currently, the platform is free to sign up and content is free of charge. Few competitions are chargeable. There are charges if you sign up for Live programs/Clubs/workshops.

Currently, we use english as a medium of language in classes and the platform. Our team is working to launch the platform in International and other regional languages

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