Speak Easy

Personality Development & Public Speaking through Dramatics

Boost public speaking skills, develop a confident personality and think out of the box with our emotional intelligence focused course

A boy won a trophy in public speaking competition and a man is taking videos of him.

Benefits from the Program

Boost Confidence

Boost Confidence

Situation Based Training

Situation Based Training

Master Public Speaking Skills

Master Public Speaking Skills

Learn the art of story telling

Learn the art of Story Telling

Out of the box thinking

Out of Box Thinking


Aashna from Mumbai

My experience with Speak Easy has been really great and exciting! It has taught me many new things right from creating a monologue, miming and improvising to thinking out of the box in all aspects of life. I have always looked forward to the sessions, especially since the mentor always promotes learning in a creative and a fun-filled manner. I would definitely say that it has greatly helped me in boosting my self-confidence and has shaped my acting as well as my writing skills. These sessions have truly been a joyful experience for me!

Arnav Mehta with his mother
Parents of Arnav Mehta

I have seen a visible and quite noticeable improvement in my son’s writing. He seems far more confident and definitely more verbose. The Playbook platform has provided us with amazing guidance in enhancing our son’s personality and honing his potential.

Swayam Singh and his Mother
Parents of Swayam Shah

As a mom, I have noticed an amazing growth in my child. The eloquence that he has imbibed is beyond comparison. He is now firmly entrenched with reading and has opened up tremendously.

Course Structure

Activity Based Learning | Red Carpet Session | Monthly Competition Calendar

Beginners Program
Two individuals are communicating with each other
20 sessions

7-15 Years

  • Persuasion: Advertisements & Product Pitching
  • Voice, Articulation & Body Language
  • Monologues, Group Discussions
  • Basics of Debating & Presentation
  • Art of Extempore and Slam Poetry
  • Overcome Bullying & Peer Pressure



  • Start your own Youtube Channel
  • FREE app subscription for 6 months
  • 2000 coins + Completion certificate
  • Invitation to the Exclusive Leaders Club

Global Leadership Club
A Boy is speaking something in mic at the stage
52 sessions

7-15 Years

  • Master the art of Debating ( MUN , COURT TRIALS )
  • Learn Blogging, Vlogging & podcasts
  • Learn to write Book Reviews and Movie Reviews
  • Quizzes & Case Studies
  • Capstone Projects: Research based
  • FREE app subscription for 18 months



  • Free Live Events
  • Blogs posting
  • Playbook hamper
  • 10000 coins + Certificate